Quality Measures


Quality Measures cut across all of the PACIO use cases and provide an early example of what we can do with the data once it is exchanged. In several connectations, interacting with other clinical quality groups, PACIO has demonstrated that digital quality measure (dQM) numerators and denominators can be successfully calculated using exchanged PACIO data, such as CMS-149 (Dementia: Cognitive Assessment) and CMS-104 (Anti-Thrombotic Therapy).


Advance Directive and Re-assessment Timepoints provide ample opportunity for further dQM development and testing and the PACIO Project will continue to look for ways to integrate that component in our work going forward.

The PACIO community feels this is just the beginning of what is possible in the quality measure and analytics space, which is why the Quality Measures use case will continue to develop and mature for the foreseeable future. There are many opportunities to not only leverage PACIO data to help calculate existing dQMs, but also increase the viability of new, important dQMs in the future as we work towards a healthcare system based on value-based care.