What is the PACIO Project?

The PACIO project is a collaborative effort to advance interoperable health data exchange between post-acute care providers, patients, and other key stakeholders across health care, using a consensus-based use case-driven approach.

The primary goal of the PACIO Project is to establish a framework for the development of post-acute care Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) technical implementation guides and Reference Implementations that will facilitate health data exchange through standards-based application programming interfaces (APIs).

What is FHIR?

You can visit the HL7 FHIR Overview for more information about FHIR.

Are PACIO Project documents and resources open source?

Yes, PACIO Project resources are open source under the Apache 2.0 license agreement, a permissive license that promotes open participation, yet also protects intellectual property, such as trademarks.

PACIO project information and all associated resources are open source and available on GitHub

How do I learn more about PAC Interoperability efforts and get involved in the PACIO Project?

You can learn more about PAC Interoperability efforts by: